Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quarantine Movie Experience in a Game

The movie Quarantine is your Blair Witch Project inside an apartment building. The plot isn't really important.

What you do get is a pretty reporter - played by Jennifer Carpenter - and her cameraman trapped inside a residential building that's been quarantined due to some virus - which of course, changes the occupants inside into bloodthirsty monsters.

It's the perfect scenario for a first person shooter game with the firepower, freaks, and creeps. In fact, producers have provided the means for you to experience the movie in a game in the official Quarantine movie site. It's the kind of marketing movie makers do these days.

You wouldn't want to play the game at night while alone in your room wearing surround headphones. It's an immersive and scary game that's really a movie preview that works together with the trailer. Don't play it if you value your sanity.

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