Thursday, July 23, 2009

There's Something Wrong with the Movie Poster of Orphan

The poster of the horror movie Orphan, featuring young actress Isabelle Fuhrman (left), is creepy as it is already, having gone through the magic of artists who managed to give it an unnatural feel and aura. But there's really something wrong with the poster just like the character in the movie. You can't quite pin it down when you view it in one of those back-illuminated ads that you usually pass by in train stations and urban walkways.

If you do happen to run into an illuminated poster of Orphan, try looking at it as you walk past and you will see a strange metamorphosis taking place on the face of the girl. Somehow, the girl appears to age and become drawn - almost like it's turning into an undead monster. Up front, it appears normal, but when you look at it from an angle on either side of it, the face changes unerringly.

One artist has said that it's done on purpose, but it's really hard to tell. If the metamorphosis effect is actually the result of artistry, then it's something that really should be admired. Otherwise, it's just a incidental visual effect but one that should give you more goosebumps. The uncanny effect cannot be replicated exactly if you examine the movie poster on the computer screen.

Orphan horror movie creates fears about adoption?

Horror Movie Orphan Stirs Issues about Adoption

Movies, as long as they're not labeled as documentary or dramatization, are always supposed to be recognized as fictional, never mind if they are based on a true story.

Generally, people do not find any harm in a movie that depicts characters and situations that can be scary in real life - especially in the horror genre. But sometimes, people do make a fuss and raise issues that are normally nonexistent or weren't taken up in similar movies.

Take for instance the issue concerning the movie Orphan. It's supposed to be a fictional film about a psychotic killer orphan adopted by a family, yet some people say it may make people fearful of adopting children in the fears that they are out to kill their new family. The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute in the United States is saying the film will have the unintended effect of skewing public opinion against children awaiting families both in the United States and abroad. It adds that it could feed into the unconscious fears of families opting for adoption that orphaned children are psychotic.

The fears raised about Orphan has raised eyebrows and debate on whether adults, specifically adoptive families, are gullible enough to think that the movie is an actual reflection of reality. While it's true that kids up for adoption may have been abused or have psychological issues, it is not always the case and any information about a child's past would surely be studied and considered during the adoption process.

It's a strange issue, but the concern of the adoption coalition is but a natural reaction to movie that does not present a positive image of orphans and the establishments that give them a home and a chance at having a family to care for them. Still, the real question that should be asked, perhaps, is if it's a real or nonsense concern. It kind of reminds us of the Chucky movies. Is that lovable collectible doll on the store shelf really possessed by a murderous criminal out to kill you? There's only one way to find out!

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Strange visual effect observed with backlit Orphan horror movie posters.