Friday, August 29, 2008

Claus von Stauffenberg Photo Doctored to Resemble Tom Cruise but the German Officer Does Resemble the Actor

It's funny how Hollywood movie marketing people like to tweak the visuals of actors and actresses to make them look larger than life (or at least make a few physical assets bigger). But in the case of the publicity photo for the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie, it was the photo of the historical character the actor plays (Claus von Stauffenberg; at left) that was retouched.

The side-by-side profile photos of Cruise and Stauffenberg created a stir when the original photo of the Nazi officer was released and it wasn't the same as the one used in the publicity layout. See how the three compare below. The one on the left is the original archival photo; the middle one is the one used for the movie publicity; and of course that's Cruise on the right.

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