Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super 8 Trailer of J.J. Abrams Has Hidden Image of a Face

Let's face it, director J.J. Abrams is fond of hidden and mysterious television and movie monsters. In the series, Lost, there's the smoke monster. In Cloverfield, there's the monster that wrecks havoc in New York. In Star Trek, there's that giant snapping monster that thought of having Captain Kirk for lunch. In most cases, Abrams teases viewers about these creatures, leaving much to the imagination (at least in the beginning) and revealing details like appearance, for later in the series or movie.

In the trailer of his sci-fi thriller, Super 8, the alien is shown attempting to escape after the train that's taking it to a secure place collides with a pickup truck. The alien monster punches its way through a steel door, but is not revealed and leaves people wondering about what it looks like. Of course, if you've already watched the movie, you won't be interested in this. But did you know that Abrams (left) inserted a hidden image in the teaser of Super 8? Well, it's not exactly hidden, but it is unnoticeable unless you slow things down. It's the image in the above picture. What is it? Is it the monster? Is it an alien? Is it a kid? Shhh. Don't tell if you already know. =)

What's obvious is that the image appears to be a face with large eyes! It shows up briefly near the end when the camera zooms out from the escaping-alien-scene to reveal the lens of a projector that appears (or is implied) to be playing a Super 8mm film roll. There also appears to be a message of some sort spelled out by the letters that appear in the lens (top; left). If played frame by frame, you will get the following:

Do what you want with it. It's part of the thrill! Anyway, we have to admit how sneaky Abrams is! He likes the kind of promotion that blurs reality with fiction. He did it with the Lost series, which did pull loyal viewers in, we have to admit. Anyway, I won't go into details regarding the hidden messages in the Super 8 trailer, but if you wish, you can do your own research and see where your efforts lead you, beginning with the clue above.

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