Monday, October 19, 2009

Spy Gadgets in Movies Never Die

What would a spy movie be without gadgets? Boring? Maybe so. Spy gadgets are almost a staple when it comes to spy movies like True Lies and The Spy Next Door. Who can forget about the old James Bond and Dick Tracy gadgets? Some of them are actually used in real life spy games. Remember Dick Tracy's watch phone? It's no longer a fictional item these days. Who knows how many movie gadgets have been made real?

Collectors love spy gadgets. They not only bring back the good old days of movies, they also remind us that movies can sometimes serve as inspiration for the real stuff out there used by real spies in espionage. Of course, these gadgets or aspects of them can and do get to be used in gadgets made for ordinary people like us. Check out this video about the book The Incredible World of Spy-Fi.

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