Monday, June 8, 2009

How Do You Get a Busy Governor to Appear in a Terminator Movie?

Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger of California is the first terminator robot in the Terminator movie series. If there's no scowling face of Arnold, then a terminator movie doesn't really cut it. It would be like making an Elvis movie with only Elvis impersonators to see. Director McG of Terminator: Salvation knew this, so he had to think of a way to get Governor Schwarzenneger into the picture even when the governor himself said he's too busy with governorship to make a cameo appearance.

So what does McG do? Celebrity news had it that he got another bodybuilder with a body that kind of looks kind of like that of Schwarzenneger's in the 1980s His name is Roland Kickinger and he's also Austrian. The Movie Catcher blog had his face pasted on Arnold's as Conan the Barbarian (left) and the effect is amazing - a less glum barbarian! There's also news about a body cast of Arnold's used to recreate his old winning form digitally.

So in Terminator: Salvation, it's either McG places a computer-generated image of Arnold's face over Kickinger's body or he uses a body-cast recreation. Yes, the picture on top shows the results of this merger of human and computer-technology and it's amazing since it appears in a movie about cyborgs!

You can judge for yourself how realistic Arnold's face is in the movie (above and top left). It's supposed to look like how he appeard way back when he was cast in the first Terminator, although his hair appears to look up-to-date. Remember the scenes in the first movie where the terminator operates on his own eye? That was a mechanical special effect using a dummy (left). Now, it's in CG along with the use of another bodybuilder's body - Kickinger's.

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