Thursday, November 20, 2008

Easy to Do Homemade Death Ray Special Effect

Every young science-fiction fan at one time or another have wished that they could make some sort of death ray or laser special effects just like in the movies. It's an old cliche yes, and stereotypical for science fiction weapons, but it's still exciting to see visually.

Old Hollywood movies have made us of a variety of props to achieve the effect. Some have even used a sheet of cloth that's pulled quickly out of the muzzle of a handheld weapon. Quick cutting and sound effects help to make the visual play convincing.

If Hollywood was able to do that for commercial films, then why not you? As a movie fan, you deserve the right to make your own mechanical special effects without the criticism of your peers. Just tell them how these things were done before computer graphics and animation and that it takes more creativity to pull a convincing one off. Here is a do-it-yourself video (DIY) in which you can learn how to make your own death ray-gun for your home movie. Enjoy!

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